We are Minerva Kreativagentur,

a small agency doing not so small things.

We are Minerva Kreativagentur; a dynamic duo with a passion for design and commitment to innovation. We work with an entire ecosystem of companies, organizations, and institutions involved in the discovery, development and delivery of healthcare products and services.

We design to challenge convention and bring fresh perspectives to life sciences.
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We're proud of the work we do.

We help build recognizable, standout brands.

Our work

Our Process

At our core we believe in the power of methodical creativity. We understand the importance of a good balance between inspiration and structure and have developed a process that fosters collaboration, ignites innovation, and ensures client satisfaction.

1. Discovery

In this stage, we gather information about the client's needs, goals, target audience and competitors. This information is used to develop a clear understanding of the project scope and objectives.

2. Ideation

Then when we brainstorm ideas and possible concepts as well as creating rough sketches and drafts to visualize potential designs.

3. Concept development

Based on the ideation stage, we select the most promising concepts and refine them into detailed designs that accurately represent the client's vision. We then present our ideas and await feedback.

4. Feedback and iteration

At this point, we collect feedback and make revisions as necessary until the design meets the client's satisfaction.

5. Final design and delivery

Once a final design is chosen, it is polished, finalized, and delivered in the agreed-upon format; such as a high-resolution graphic file.

6. Implementation

Lastly, the design is put into action, whether it be through digital, print, or another medium.

Ready for a dose of client happiness?

  • «I am absolutely thrilled with the Minervas! Their creativity, empathy for customer needs, and precise execution of requests were remarkable. Their dedication was evident through their prompt and responsive communication, delivering with impressive speed and adaptability!

    Thank you for the most beautiful website in the world!»

    Ute Fingerhut, Owner | Kosmetik Fingerhut

  • «On our journey to establish a biotech company in the diagnostics industry, we connected with MinervaKreativ in 2021. As a budding enterprise, we needed assistance with logo design, visual aesthetics, color scheme, document templates, and website development. Throughout the logo creation process, we realized our compatibility as a team. The result was a powerful brand identity and an impressive website, forming the foundation for our triumphant corporate communication. Minerva Kreativ stands out as one of the few agencies capable of crafting unique solutions tailored to the fields of medicine and high-tech.»

    Frank Schnieders, CEO | LAMPseq Diagnostics

  • «Working with Ronja and Melody from Minerva Creative Agency was really fun. They guided us through the project step by step and always took the time to explain everything to us. They have great ideas, even on topics that go outside the box. They put their heart and soul into their work, which you can see and feel in the final product. 100% recommendation for all who do not want anything boring and appreciate the personal contact.»

    Constantine & Lorena, Owners | Zahnärzte am Mexikoplatz

  • «Ronja and Melody from Minerva were the perfect designers for my website. The keywords of connection, therapy, yoga, and chronic illnesses were crucial to me, and they captured their essence, making me feel understood and trusted. Their approachability and responsiveness made the process enjoyable, resulting in a truly wonderful website. Thank you both immensely!»

    Britta, Owner | Connected Yoga

  • «Good morning Ronja and Melody, following up on yesterday's conversation, we would like to thank you again for the cooperation so far. You have succeeded impressively with the project! It is a lot of fun to cooperate with you. Your drive, your ideas, your speed and your design skills are outstanding. You are a great team and we look forward to continuing and expanding the cooperation! With best regards to both of you.»

    Dr. Julia & Dr. Christian Berg, Owners | Praxis für Familiengesundheit

  • «Working with Ronja and Mel was great. The ideas and the implementation were creative and professional. The meetings were goal-oriented and personable. Great team, highly recommended.»

    Thomas Hecker, Founder | Histameany

Design that's good for your health.

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Design that's good for your health


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